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Hey there, welcome to Edie’s Elastics!

Elastics (also known as ‘French Skipping’ and ‘chinese jump rope’) has been around for decades and has truly stood the test of time for keeping kids entertained and active.  It ruled the schoolyard in the 90’s and its fast becoming a sensation all over again!

Simplicity at it’s finest, elastics is a game of jumping between the elastics at different heights to pass levels, some with chants and jingles.  Ideally three people play together, but using a heavy chair at either end to hold the elastics also works a treat!

All of our elastics are packaged with instructions and make the perfect gift.

Happy Jumping xx

Elastics - Rainbow Super Stretch
  • The Press - Nov 1, 2020

    "Edie, 9, loved it and so did her friends, so they made some for Edie’s friends and then sold some through a community Facebook page.

    Seeing its potential, Tait set up a store on an online selling platform and sales of Edie’s Elastics boomed."

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  • The Press - Nov 1, 2020

    "Christchurch mum Lydia Tait and her daughter Edie 9 have resurrected the old elastics game and their business is going gangbusters. Lydia made an elastic for her daughter and her friends, and now they can't keep up with demand."

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  • One News - Oct 30, 2020

    "After listing her elastics online orders began to soar and now Edie's Elastics is a fully fledged business.

    Seven Sharp hosts Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells couldn't resist having a go at reliving their childhood elastic dreams in the TVNZ office."

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